The Stamp9X35 is a small TFT/LCD and network compatible CPU module. All its components, like the AT91SAM9X35 processor and the memory device, are integrated onto a circuit board measuring 53.6 x 38 mm. The ARM9 Board is ideally suited for the development of mobile devices. Thanks to its integrated TFT/LCD controller, the LCD/TFTs can be custom-sized with a resolution of up to 800 x 600 pixels.

Specific feature is the application for CAN Bus solutions - two controller are available. 



Modern ARM CoM

ARM based SoC (System on Chip) have been long used in telecommunication devices and are by now firmly rooted in embedded computing solutions. The provide the heart of each stamp and stand out for their small footprint and energy efficiency at high processing power. Being in the focus of chip development ARM driven systems provide a seamless future upgrade path.

High Memory Capacity

All Stamps provide an on-board memory solution with 128 MB LPDDR2 and 256 MB NAND Flash. Additional a Dataflash or EEPROM may be present. A further SD/MMC-Card Slot carters even high storage demands.


Each Stamp CoM offers a own set of peripheral devices. These include but are not limited to standard interfaces like Ethernet, USB, USART, JTAG, SSC, SPI, ADC, AC'97, TWI, digital I/O ports and parallel bus. Thanks to direct access to 200 processor pins the user is fully flexible in employing the possibilities for application-specific features.
Multiplexing is used on most pins, meaning that one pin an serve different functions. The number of usable I/O ports depends on the required combination of peripherals. Consult the datasheet for further information.


This Stamp features an integrated TFT/LCD controller with resolutions up to 800 x 600 pixels or AC'97 sound controller. This allows easy integration of graphical user interfaces and multimedia content.

Linux OS and OpenEmbedded

The Stamp comes pre-installed with the Linux operation system. Linux offers all the functions that one comes to expect from a modern operating system. Its multitasking, virtual memory management and dynamically loadable libraries make Linux ideal for many applications. Thanks to its open source concept the developer has full control of his system down to driver level. The OS core can always be adjusted to meet specific individual needs.
The powerful OpenEmbedded project allows developers to use preompiled packages and offers a  broad choice of Linux applications for. Furthermore it enables the developer to build his own, customized distribution.

Energy-efficient operation

Thanks to enhanced power management functions, well supported by Linux OS, a Stamp finds it's place in designs with restricted power requirements. Power consumption can be adjusted by using the power down or standby modes. If specific interfaces or peripheral devices are not needed, they can be individually powered off in order to reduce power consumption.

Starter Kit

We offer a comprehensive starter kit for rapid evaluation and code development. The kit includes all the necessary hardware and software components for operating the Stamp of choice.

Customized Development

Upon request, taskit offers tailored solutions and carrier board design based on your individual needs and designs. Do you need minor modifications to already existing hardware or completely new products? We guide your project from prototype to serial production using our technical know-how and long years of experience – be it large-sale or small-scale.


Stamp9X35 (256F/128R)

StampX5, baseboard

Item no. 545214

StampX35 Computer-on-Module, 256 MB NAND-Flash, 128 MB SDRAM, 1 x Ethernet, 2 Can-Bus-Controller, TFT-/LCD-Controller (figure with baseboard from the developerbundle)
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