Our Portux SBC: Compact, Energy Efficient and Ready-to-use

The Portux has been designed as an energy-saving SBC for instrumentation, control and automation tasks. It's ready-to-use connectivity make Portux ideally suited as data logger, protocol converter or for remote control.

A SD/MMC-Card slot and on-board NAND flash suffice high capacity memory demands. The ARM core at 400 MHz combines good performance with energy efficient operation. USB, Ethernet and a serial port offer ready-to-use connectivity while direct access to processor pins via the extension bus enables to implement further peripheral devices.

On board peripherals and power management is directly supported by the preinstalled Linux OS. Thus the Portux SBC is a ready-to-use Linux board. As the Portux MiniPC it comes in a robust aluminum housing.

Our long-term availability policy and commitment to direct support form the perfect base for successful embedded computing solutions. We offer adaptions to our series products to meet individual requirements – be it large scale or small scale.