CPU modules with integrated TFT display

The Panel-Card is a multipurpose CPU module for industrial applications. In contrast to most conventional CPU modules, the Panel-Card does not consist solely of the circuit board and the attendant electronic components. The Panel-Card also boasts an integrated TFT display with very good exposure and readability.

Even under direct sunlight or in bright rooms, rich contrast is possible. The display's reflective properties enable it to operate without background lighting -- ideal for applications that may benefit from reduced electrical consumption.



To keep the CPU module compact, the circuit board has been trimmed to fit the display and the TFT is mounted directly on the back of the board.


High-capacity ARM9 processor

Mobile devices demand processors with good performance and low power requirements. The Panel-Card is built on the Atmel AT91SAM9261 controller, whose ARM926EJ-S processor core with Jazelle extensions enables running Java applications with high efficiency through a low-power microprocessor solution. The Panel-Card is thus particularly suitable for use in mobile devices.


Interface freedom

The signal is transmitted to peripherals over two 40-pin female connectors, which are laid out on a tenth-inch (0.1", 2.54 mm) grid. The connector forwards all signals except for the LCD signal. The Panel-Card supports the following interfaces: USART, USB 2.0 (host and device), SD/MMC cards as well as 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet.


Universal operating system

The Panel-Card comes with the Linux operating system as well as the function rich "U-Boot" bootloader. Since the operating system is very well documented, with many turn-key solutions available in the Internet, it is also well-suited for developers who have never worked with Linux before. Windows Embedded CE can also be used. Taskit regularly incorporates new releases of the OS, using only tested core versions.




Energy savings

Modern energy-saving PC functions (standby and power-down mode) can be used with the Panel-Card. The comprehensive power-management system can be customized to switch the Panel-Card into the desired mode to conserve power.


Easy to handle starter kit

If you want to put the Panel-Card to immediate use, taskit has developed a Panel-Card Starter Kit. The starter kit contains the CPU module with TFT display, an evaluationboard, software CD with the operating system, compiled toolchain, Nano-X Window, plus the necessary cables and power supply.